Winter is here, and just like us, cats can have bad patches during this period. They can change  mood and even be quarrelsome. To face this complex situation, here are our tips:

1. Physical activity 

This is surely the basis of well-being: physical exercise! And this is true for you and your cat ;-)

Lately, does your cat prefer to nap than to exercise? Take action! Do not leave your companion without energy and moping.

They may lose all enthusiasm, and a negative spiral can develop.

Our advice: manufacture little games, whether a ball bell made ​​from elastic or a cardboard shack. This small gift will make them happy!

2. Light therapy

To get through this difficult period, light therapy may be an added value for the well-being of your cat.

Light therapy imitates sunlight. This method is excellent and optimizes the control of the biological clock. A 30-minute session per day should make them feel great.

3. Fight against parasites

Heat tends to encourage the development of parasites, particularly ticks and fleas. Above all, continue to protect your cat against these parasites during the winter. If infested, your cat will scratch frantically and irritate their skin, so you'll need constant vigilance!

Your cat will never be immunized against these parasites, which can sneak into your home very easily, under the door, through the window, on the sole of your shoes... A good flea repellent is essential.

4 . A good brushing and massage

This advice may seem futile and yet... a good brushing is essential! The warmth of your home has a direct impact on your cat. During the fall, in anticipation of winter, our companions moult to take a more dense coat. But when radiators and fireplaces operate at full capacity, these winter hairs fall. Proper brushing will help to prevent the formation of hairballs, relieve your cat and protect your home!

In addition, massage induced by brushing will promote the drainage of toxins and will reduce muscle tension.

I hope these little tips will help you and your cat have a lovely winter!

Photo : Nanny-Pet

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