Cats always have a reason to be aggressive. We wrote this article to help you understand your pet's behavior.

We listed the 4 main reason why a cat can be aggressive:


Your cat needs points of reference. Feeding is one of them and it must be at a set time. If it is not, your cat might become angry and aggressive. Plus, if you are not feeding them enough or at unadapted times, they might also become aggressive in order to express that you are not meeting their needs.

Lack of activity

Hunting is the cat's main activity. Even if you are feeding them twice a day, your pet needs to hunt because it's part of their genes. If's they're jumping on everything that moves, including yourself, it means that they need to hunt. Make sure that you provide them with occupational toys to help them exert themselves.


When your cat is running away because they feels like something is threatening them and you try to help them, catch them or calm them down, they might scratch or even bite you. It's a natural reaction of fear that also happens in dogs. In this situation, it's better to wait until they're calm to touch them. If you have to touch them because he's injured, wear gloves.


When your cat's playing, they're thrilled and sometimes do not control themselves. In a burst of enthusiasm they might scratch or bite you but it doesn't mean that they're agressive. However, don't let them injure you : offer them a toy if they do.

Some cats will have behavior you won't understand, but don't judge them too fast - there are a lot of reasons that explain it : lack of education, poor life conditions, absence of the mother, stress...

Photo credit: Yummypets

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