Because a dog is just like a child, sometimes, it won't go to bed. Thankfully, Karlene created her own company, dedicated to make your little ones sleep, so that you can rest too! Discover these magic treats: Bedtime Bones!
Can you tell me a little about you, where you were working before Bedtime4Dogs?
I attached my bio so you can have the full story of where I was before creating Bedtime4Dogs. But really, who cares about that? :)
Why did you decide you to create your company?
In 2009, I was downsized from my position in new product development.  With a difficult non-compete in place, a yearning for a puppy and a lifetime dream to prove to myself that I could do it on my own, I started a company (what the heck was I thinking?)  That's the way back background.
How this product got started is a much better story.  Remember that yearning for a puppy I mentioned?  Well, the very day I came home from learning the news that I would be downsized my husband was trolling Craig's list to find me a puppy.  I would have time to spend with one now, right? I'd always loved Newfoundlands and Huskies, (actually, all animals but I had some history with these breeds).  No kidding-there was a rescued litter of Newfie/Husky mixes.  We were dialing the phone and grabbing the car keys at the same time.  When we go there the puppy that was in the ad was not the one that barrelled out the door passed her rescuers, put her paw around my husbands wrist and licked my face.  There was about 2 seconds of hesitation before we were making a donation to Amazing Animal Advocates and off we went with our new family member. (We did check back to make sure all the pups were adopted and they were.)
Well, our little one was usually a calm Newfie until bedtime.  Sleeping wasn't part of her plan so  Bedtime Bones were born.  With a lot of research on chamomile and a host of doggy focus groups, recipe number 87, turned out to be the right one.  It was the organic solution to our needs and today thousands of others needs.
Because, we are that kind of company, the packaging is recycled and made with windpower.
Was it difficult? 

I don't know if difficult is the word I'd use necessarily.  The hardest thing about being a micro start up is the old expression "you don't know what you don't know" so you don't always know what you should be asking.  So, you never stop learning as long as you are paying attention.

What was your greatest challenge? 
Our greatest challenge is distribution and cashflow.  Not a sexy answer but everyone who has ever had started their own company understands that this is what makes or breaks you.  It's why most start ups don't make it past the first couple of years.  And yes, we have already beat the odds!
What are your plans for the future? 
We are expanding our product lines but that's all I'm sayin'. The Chief Inspiration Officer has been sworn to secrecy but she will be testing every product.
 And what is your favorite pet product?  
Bedtime Bones, of course.
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