26 years ago, Nutmeg started his life with his owner. This beautiful tabby is now 31 years old, but this doesn't prevent him from being every bit as alert as a cat of 1 day old.

Meet with Nutmeg the cat

Nutmeg est now deaf in one ear and only has three teeth left, but this furry ball of love has the heart of a lion. Although suffering an illness last year, he is still as tough as old boots.

He may have spent one of his nine lives, but he's not giving up yet!

The Finlay familly discovered Nutmeg 26 years ago under a bush in their garden. "He was very thin and had a bump on his tail," explained Liz, the mother of the Finlay family.

 Nutmeg le chat de 31 ans

Liz and Ian therefore decided to adopt Nutmeg after a check-up at the vet's. The vets weren't very optimistic as to Nutmeg's chances and said  that he was not likely to live for more than five years... but since then Nutmeg has lived to 31!

This couple saved Nutmeg and multiplied his life expectancy by five by giving him the love and care that he needed.

A serious illness

A year ago, the couple had a fright when Nutmeg had to be taken to the vet's very urgently. Liz and Ian believed the worst might be on the way but Dr. Laura Gillis and the personnel of veterinary hospital of Westway did their all to save Nutmeg's health, and luckily, they succeeded!

 Nutmeg le chat de 31 ans

"We thought thaat we were going to lose Nutmeg for forever... but after several days in the hospital, Nutmeg came to himself. This little old cat is tough as old boots! A real fighter!" said Ian.

The previous record holder for oldest cat was Scooter, who lived to the ripe old age of 30. Nutmeg has now rivalled this title with 31 years of age. He celebrated this momentous day with his family and Dr. Gillis, who saved his life.

Nutmeg le chat de 31 ans

Did you know that Nutmeg is 141 years old in human years?

Another beautiful story! Were you touched by Nutmeg's story?

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