Let's face it, sometimes your cat’s behaviour can be really weird. Whether they’re doing something funny, cute, mysterious or even a little frustrating, our fur friends always seem to find new ways to amuse us!

In this article, we shed some light on some of those weird things your cat does and why.

Weird thing #1: my cat loves boxes

If you leave anything box-shaped around, you're probably well aware that your cat will find their way on or in it - welcome the cardboard box! This goes back to the time before cats were domesticated where they liked to hide inside small, confined spaces. This gave them both a sense of security as well as a vantage point to be on the lookout for prey or predators.


Weird thing #2: my cat goes crazy

You've no doubt seen your cat suddenly go crazy like they've seen a ghost. Well, these are called the zoomies. Given cats spend a long time sleeping, energy stores sometimes need to be spent. It's not unlike an excited high or spate of giddiness we as humans sometimes experience. Young cats can also experience a classic 'teen crisis', including plenty of zoomies of hormonal energy.


Weird thing #3: my cat kneads with their paws

You'll probably see your cat kneading (doing 'puddings') at some point, either against a snuggly blanket, another pet or perhaps on you. It is an innate action that kittens often use to get milk from their mothers. Cats tend to do this as adults just prior to settling themselves, as a way of expressing happiness, or when they feel comfortable and safe.


Weird thing #4: my cat won’t stop meowing

Constant meowing can be the result of a number of factors, ranging from communication to illness to the talkativeness of different cat breeds. You can read more about meowing cats here. The most important thing to note is that if your cat is adequately fed and watered, is safe, and is receiving enough attention and stimulation, then he or she may be expressing signs of anxiety or illness. In this case, head on over to your vet to get them checked out for any underlying issues.


Weird thing #5: my cat rolls on the floor like a dog

Despite what you might think, your cat isn’t really trying to be a dog. He or she is likely to be displaying contentment, having some playtime, stretching their back and muscles, or simply trying to get your attention for a pat! Additionally, it is also a way for cats to leave their scent on their environment.


Weird thing #6: my cat brings me dead animals

A dead mouse - this isn’t exactly what most people want to see first thing in the morning! However, these little "presents" are your fur baby's way of showing off their hunting skills. By sharing their catch with you, your cat is playing their part in "feeding" the family. This is something kittens learn from their mothers.


Weird thing #7: anxiety as a factor in strange behaviour

More often than not, anxiety is at the root of a cat's aggressive behaviour. The first thing to do is to identify why they are stressed. This article on feline aggression should help you to identify and reduce stressors, as well as understand why your cat is acting out. Additionally, symptoms of feline aggression can manifest themselves in other behaviours. These can include peeing in unusual places, and/or trying to scratch or bite. One solution is to use a FELIWAY® pheromone diffuser, which can help to reduce aggressive behaviours. Finally, if you notice any sudden behavioural changes in your cat, or rapid weight gain/loss, you should seek expert advice from your vet.


Noticed any other strange behaviours from your cat? It might be explained here!

What strange things does your cat do?

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