In Portland, USA, two 16-year-old girls have been charged with animal cruelty after putting an 8-week-old kitten in a microwave.

The Video

The girls uploaded the video of them putting the kitten in the microwave to social media sites, Vine and Twitter. The video naturally shocked many viewers who alerted the authorities immediately.

A Little Miracle

Luckily the South Portland police force found the girls quickly and the kitten was taken away. The little cat survived and he was named Miracle. The kitten was in a poor condition, ridden with fleas and he was not with his mother for long enough. He is now doing great and many families have offered to adopt him!

Miracle now lives with Mary Bryam, who has offered him a permanent home. She wanted to give the little fur ball a better life after his difficult start.

The Teens Are Charged 

The teens were charged with 100 hours of community service. They both pleaded guilty, but their lawyer says that they did not intend to hurt the kitten. The judge has also ordered them to go for psychological assessments.

Credit: News Centre


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    Ella W Omg!!! I justbstarted crying right now cuz my kitten jumped on my bed and started purring