A zoo in Zurich spent 47 Billion Euro to build pools for the elephants that live in their Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park.

Elephants Love Swimming

Did you know that elephants are very good swimmers? In the wild they are often found in the water; bathing and swimming. They play in the water to regulate their body temperatures and to protect their skin.

To replicate their wildlife living conditions, the zoo in Zurich built pools in the huge elephant park for them.

The Pools And Showers

The pool’s windows have been reinforced to support the 7 tons of the world’s biggest land mammal. These animals are now enjoying an 11 000 meters squared park, which replicates their wildlife living conditions. With these pools there are showers for the elephants as well.

Visitors to the zoo can now see the elephants swimming from an underwater viewpoint. They often make use of their facilities, so visitors won’t be disappointed!

Source: zooh Zurich

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