It's summer and if you are lucky, you are getting ready to travel, maybe with your pet. But your favorite companion may be subject to motion sickness. This can be very annoying and stressful for all travelers! Here are some tips to make the trip as fun as possible for everyone!

Firstly, why is your pet sick while traveling?

There are several reasons. First, stress: your pet is not accustomed to shocks or environments changes. They may also be of an anxious nature, this is particularly true for cats. If this is the case, do not worry: this tends to get better with age. The pet will get used to being carried around from time to time and will realize that there is nothing to worry about. But sickness can also be explained by a physical problem, including an inner ear problem. And in this case, the animal is sick on every trip, but don't worry, this problem also tends to improve with age. Also, be careful not to confuse sickness and poisoning, especially if it is the first time that your pet is sick while traveling.

Le mal des transports et les animaux

What are the symptoms of pet motion sickness?

Well, if your pet is sick you'll notice it! Cats as well as dogs tend to vomit, suffer from diarrhea and urinate everywhere, and dogs will drool a lot. In this case, take a break and see if your companion's condition improves. If the animal looks healthier after a few minutes they certainly suffer from motion sickness. If they have a fever or swelling of the abdomen do not hesitate to call your vet.

Can we prevent motion sickness?

Give them light meals during two days before traveling, or you can give them medicine against vomiting and salivation that your vet has prescribed. Other remedies exist: neurocalmants (beware, it can cause side effects with cats!) Pheromone dispensers in the car etc... It is also advisable to make short "workout" trips to accustom the animal. In any case, do not hesitate to install a towel under your companion to avoid a vomiting crisis!

Good advice: train your companion to travel as soon as possible, and if they are afraid, do not stroke them : they could think that their state of anxiety is normal and legitimate.

With all these tips, you are ready to start your road trip!

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