The Indonesian government is killing stray dogs in Bali to get rid of rabies. A shocking video was uploaded on YouTube showing just how horribly this has been done!


Rabies is a disease which any mammal can get, including humans. The Indonesian government started culling dogs when the first human died of rabies on the island in 2008.

Inhumane Deaths

Many dogs are put down in the street with lethal injections; in the video it shows the poor animals trying to get away from the people and then having spasms before they die. A disturbing photo emerged of a woman smiling while taking a photo of a dog before his death.

Animal Activists Outraged

Many animal rights activists have tried to find a solution to this problem, or at least a more humane way to handle the animals. PETA condemns the video and has previously worked with the Bali Animal Welfare Association to end these mass killings.

A spokeswoman from PETA says: “PETA strongly condemns the slaughter seen in this video. Dogs are clearly terrified and stressed, no attempt is made to administer lethal injection via IV methods (the only humane form of euthanasia) and there is no reason why these dogs cannot be vaccinated rather than slaughtered.”

Source: The Mirror

Photo: AFP

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