Meet Pupuce, the dog that is no trouble at all! If you are looking to adopt a dog that will not have to be disciplined, will never do anything silly and  one that you do not have to devote much time to, Pupuce is the perfect “pet” for you!

Sociability & Personality

Pupuce does well with other pets, yes even cats! He is perfect around small children and you can have him in an apartment or in a house, it’s your choice! He is not a noisy dog as he does not bark. He is very affectionate and likes to cuddle with everyone. Although Pupuce is very affectionate, he doesn't like to play and won’t fetch the ball when you throw it for him. Pupuce will not make a sound if your kids pull his ears or tail or sit on him. He is very easy- going. He makes a great travel buddy as well, and should have no problem going through customs!


Pupuce doesn't lose his hair, so no grooming costs are required. You can bath him occasionally and he won’t put up a fuss. There will be no vet fees either and you will not have to spend anything on treats or food! Therefore owning Pupuce will cost you, absolutely nothing.


Pupuce knows the sit and stay command very well, however teaching him other tricks might prove difficult! You will have to be patient with this one. You don’t have to take him on walks; he doesn't walk well on a leash. Instead, he could join you in a pram or in your arms! Pupuce does like to sit in the sun on a balcony or in a garden every now and then.

Quick Stats

Does well with other pets: Yes

Does well with children: Yes

Apartment: Yes

Daily Exercise: No

Personality: Loving and Sociable

Pupuce is a very easy “pet” to own, if you go away, or a new child arrives, you can put him aside for a while. He will understand and watch what is happening from the cabinet or from the bed. If you are not sure about committing to an animal for the next 20 years, please adopt Pupuce instead!

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