Officer James Givens has been in the Cincinnati police for a quarter of a century, but in 26 years of working there, he never had an experience like this one.

It was a normal Monday for James Givens, sat in his patrol car in a carpark when a strange visitor came up to him, seemingly to try and get his attention.

"This goose arrives and starts to tap her beak on the side of the car. I threw a bit of food for her, but she didn't take it. She just continued to honk and tap the car door. Then she retreated, stopped and looked at me, then she came back to tapping on the door," said Officer Givens.

When the goose retreated a second time, James decided to follow her - and it's a good think that he did.

Un oison trouve la liberté grâce à la police

She lead me to a few yards away to a green space near a stream. It was at that moment that I saw that one of her little ones had gotten themselves stuck in a trap of balloon string. She brought me right to him."

Stunned by what had happened, Officer Givens was scared that the goose would attack him if he approached the trapped gosling. He therefore called the SPCA, but no first aider was immediately available.

Officer Cecilia Charron, one of his colleagues, heard the call and came of her own accord to help. "She came under her own steam and though I told her to be careful, she went straight towards the gosling and freed it. The goose looked on and didn't move, as though she knew exactly what was going on. It was amazing."

Un oison trouve la liberté grâce à la police

Once the gosling was freed, James and Cecilia watched him rejoin his mom and leave, safe and sound.

A beautiful story with a happy ending. Do you think that the goose knew that the police officer would help? Animals' reactions can sometimes be very surprising when they find themselves in trouble, just like this example. Watch this video of the amazing rescue.

source : thedodo

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