Let's be honest - we all have a friend who, like us, is crazy about animals. Thanks to the new Yummypets 'refer a friend' feature, you can now invite them to join the community with just a couple of clicks!

How to 'refer a friend' on Yummypets

It's a very simple process. And it goes like this...

  • On the website: Here you can find the feature on the main dashboard (look for the green 'invite my friends' panel). Simply click on it to access a new page where you can enter your animal-loving friends' email addresses. If you have more than five friends like you and us, simply repeat the process from the main dashboard. When you click 'send', an email will be sent to your friend/s to invite them to join the community. Your name will be mentioned so they know it won't be spam!
Invite your friends to join Yummypets

Invite your friends to join Yummypets

  • On the iOS and Android apps: To do this, simply access 'settings' within your application. Select "Invite my friends" and then enter the email addresses of those with whom you'd like to share the Yummypets journey.
Invite your friends to join Yummypets

Feel free to share Yummypets with your friends any time. It's dedicated pet parents like you who make this community as wonderful as it is. So thank you for sharing the Yummypets love!

Love, Chewy


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