It's summer, the sun is shining, and if you're a little lucky you will soon go to the sea for a dip. But in the ocean, there aren't only beautiful little fishes, it is also full of strange creatures... Here is a small compilation!

Lamprey Marine

These strange creatures are parasites: in fact, they live on a fish ("host fish") by feeding on its tissues and blood, and then they migrate to sea. They feed thanks to their sucker mouth: they have sharp teeth even on the tongue, so they easily pierce the skin of the other fish! You're unlikely to cross them since they live around 100m deep, but sometimes, like salmon, they swim upstream to spawn. They have recently invaded the lakes in North America.


Blob fish 

This funny fish has a gelatinous appearance for a good reason: they live at depths where the pressure is a hundred times stronger than the surface of the Earth. So to resist, it is composed of a kind of soft mass with density lower than water's, allowing it to float above the ground without having to swim! It can measure up to 30cm ... Don't worry you have very little risk of crossing one: they live between 600m and 1200m under the sea!

Découvrez quelques animaux insolites !

Goblin shark

This funny shark is literally a "living fossil"! In fact, it has hardly evolved for millions of years. It has an excellent sense of smell, is about 4m long and one of its features is that it can feel a movement of water to hundreds of meters, which is convenient to locate a prey. It can also extend its jaws wide to swallow large fish. Do not worry, it is very unlikely that you will meet one: This animal lives 100m deep at a minimum, particularly in Asia!

Découvrez quelques animaux insolites !

Flying squid

You're not dreaming: they are indeed flying squids! Indeed, these mollusks use their fins and tentacles like wings and siphon to propel, with a speed of 11m per second! We do not know much about them, but you are not likely to cross them: the last time we saw some, they were 'flying" in the Pacific Ocean!

Découvrez quelques animaux insolites !

I hope you're not too scared, we wish you a good swim!

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