Hello Hoomans,

Gossip Kitty is back, and what better subject than the famous Miley Cyrus?  You can say what you want but ex-Hannah Montana knows how to keep the Internet talking....

For her "Wrecking Ball" performance at the American Music Awards, Miley - who was wearing the most adorable 2 piece outfit with cat heads on it - was joined by a giant virtual kitten trying to sing along!


Well the kitten tries to sing along, because a kitten can't really sing... And of course the kittens eyes goes all wide and adorable and Shrek-kitty like when Miley gets emotional. And if that's not enough for you, the kitty even starts to cry!

As a big final, the kitten winks and pulls his tongue out, Miley-style!

Easy win for team Miley who knows the Internet just loves kittens!

Watch her full performance here:


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