Today we invite you to celebrate springtime with Zolux!

Under the sun, walking on grass and wearing lighter clothes - it’s a beautiful time for us to start a new game on Pinterest.

Zolux joins us and offers you many prizes to win: A CaniSport kit, a cushion with removable cover, bags of Mastery biscuits, a cat tree, an aquarium and cages for rodents and birds... There's something for everyone !

For a chance to win these prizes, it’s very simple - all you need to do is follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log on or create a PINTEREST account

Step 2: Follow Zolux’s Pinterest account by clicking the "follow" button

(A little shortcut, Zolux’s Pinterest account: )

Step 3: Follow Yummypets’ Pinterest account by clicking the “follow" button

(A second shortcut, Yummypets’ Pinterest account: )

Step 4: Follow the Board: "Lovely spring for your pets !" to find the 9 items in the game.

(A small tip to go faster, a link to the Board: )

Step 5: Repin the product(s) that you would like to win, by clicking the "PIN IT" button

Step 6: The winners will be drawn at random on Monday, April 13th 2015.

Here are the details of 9 items you can win:


1. A Rodylounge cage for rodents worth 40€ // 2. An Happy tray for cats worth 30€ // 3. A Nanolife aquarium worth 90€ // 4. An Arthur cat scratch tree worth 55€ // 5. A Canisport kit with a lots of accessories worth 100€ // 6. An outdoor cushion with a removable red cover worth 50€ // 7. A bag of MASTERY cat food worth 27€ // 8. A bag of MASTERY cat food worth 65€ // 9. A Charlotte cage worth 40€.

All items will be published on the "Lovely spring for your pets !" board so you can all win! And among photos of the prize items are other pictures with an animal and spring theme. If you like the theme then don’t hesitate to share!

We hope that you like the game, don’t hesitate to share on your social networks :)


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