An extermination plan has been put in place by the Department of Preservation of the Environment to remove swans from the state of New York.

A Threat

The beautiful swans are being accused of being a threat to the vegetation and are in the way of aircrafts. They are also accused of being too aggressive to people who walk past them and they pollute the water with their feces.

Aggressive Swans

The swans, who are known to be aggressive, are therefore the subjects of this plan by the department. They said that all mature swans should be exterminated by 2015. Only the swans that belong to individuals are allowed to stay alive.

Attraction of New York 

Many associations have obviously tried to stop the plan from being carried out. Swans are beautiful, graceful creatures who should be given their own space. They can only add to the attraction of New York!

Source: 20 minutes

Photo: The Journal of Women

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