A homeless man on a 2000mile long journey across the U.S takes his 11 pet stray dogs along the way with only a shopping cart, a bike and $6. The family get noticed and in an instant their lives are changed.

Steve first started living on the streets of California in 2001. With very little hope and happiness in his life, he found comfort and companionship with those suffering a similar plight, stray dogs. Over the past 14 years Steve estimates that he has rescued and rehomed over 150 stray dogs! 

A friend offered to help Steve get off the street, but the trouble was this friend lived 2000 miles away and it would require him to trek across the U.S along with his 11 strays. With only the bare essentials and next to no money, Steve fashioned his shopping cart into a dog-carrying cart and off they went on their journey.


It was not long before the traveling clan were noticed and offered some assistance. A woman who goes by the name of Mickey generously put the family up in a hotel room for two days. She then took to Social Media in a bid to inform her animal loving friends of Steve and his situation. Within hours hundreds of peopled started to offer their help.


Inspired by his story, an animal lover from Tennessee offered to drive Steve and his dogs to their last destination. Waiting for them was a sponsored trailer which they now all call their furrever home!


The animals are currently all being neutered, sprayed and vaccinated. The family also has a GoFundMe page which has raised over $8 000 already!


“The selflessness of strangers helped Steve make his way home. But Steve’s kindness — towards animals and humans alike — forever changed his helpers, too. So, as they say in the rescue community, who rescued who? “

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    Moira M What a heartfelt and amazing story of hope and happiness in this troubled world it shows there is still some humanity left God bless this amazingly selfless person and his family also the helpers.