There are different kinds of harness for your dog for different kinds of activity. It is important that it serves both the needs of the dog and pet parent.

Here we help you to choose the right harness for your dog.

A harness for your dog - the advantages

A collar can constrict your dog's breathing if they pull on the leash, which places the force on the throat. Contrary to this, a harness allows the pressure to be dispersed across the chest when they pull or dart forward.

The choice of harness for your dog should rest on several criteria. It should be well fitted, easy to adjust, and should not ride up to the throat. It should also not restrict your dog's movement.

Choosing the size of the harness

The size should not be chosen in any old way. Even a very good in-store or online model will be ineffective if the size is not fitted for your dog.

Your dog's harness should be chosen according to the activity it will be used for and for your dog's body type.

It is important to take a measurement around your dog's chest, behind the front legs. Then add 5cm to select the correct size.

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The different types of harness

Here are some examples for your daily walks:

The H: This is the most popular style where the straps form an 'H' in shape. It assures the comfort of your dog where the clasp attachment rests on the back on the body.

The Y or X: The 'Y' or 'X' shape provides more comfort for dogs who are prone to pulling on the leash. However, you should check that the fabric is not too wide so as to bother your dog or prevent them from keeping cool in the summer.

The T: The straps on this harness cross perpendicularly to create a 'T'. The 'T' harness is comfortable and is also more easy to thread than the H harness. However, it is not recommended for long hikes as it may irritate your dog's shoulders slightly.

The complete harness: This harness covers the entirety of your dog's back and helps the pet parent carry their dog over obstacles on hikes.

What harness do you use for your dog?

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