Today,lets talk about the Capybara, a sort of giant hamster native to South America. Some Americans have already adopted it as a pet, and this one seems to acclimate pretty well.

It is the largest rodent in the world that can measure between 105 and 140 cm, and weighs 35 to 65 kg once reaching adult age!

Like many species of ducks, capybaras jump into the water when they feel threatened. Excellent swimmers and divers, they travel long distances underwater, trampling on the bottom. Sometimes, like hippos, they come up to breathe, barely visible: only to flush the eyes, ears and nostrils, placed on top of the head. They graze on plants underwater. Capybaras are actually semi-aquatic mammals. Thus, their coupling also takes place in the water after a complex ceremony. Finally, the water allows them to better regulate their temperature.

Here are some pictures that will make you melt. But they may feel better in their natural environment rather than as a pet...

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