Are you thinking about making your dogs dishes by yourself, or maybe you already do it... Here's a few of Leo's tips, and he is getting hungry just writing about them!

If you choose this home-made option, you absolutely must follow certain rules to ensure a balanced diet for your dog. Rations consist of equal numbers of one third rice or pasta, one third meat, and a final third vegetables.

Warning: rice and pasta should be given very cooked. But above all do not overcook other foods, otherwise it will destroy most vitamins. Quantities given should be adapted to the age of the dog and established in relation to its weight.

How to balance traditional food?

We can classify foods into three categories: those that should always be given those we must give from time to time, and foods to be avoided.

Foods to always give to your dog

- Beef, veal, mutton (can be raw)
- Offal (heart, liver)
- Poultry meat (without bones)
- Milk, unfermented cheese (if your dog does not drink milk often, use milk enriched with one or two egg yolks)
- Grain (soy, rice, barley, corn, oats, wheat germ, or pasta)
- Vegetables (no cabbage, too fermentable nor tomatoes, too acidic)
- Fruits
- Honey

Food to give occasionally to your dog:

- Horsemeat, no more than once a week. Attention, its fat fluid may have a laxative effect
- Fats (margarine, lard, butter fresh-pressed vegetable oils: olive, corn, sunflower). We can give them once or twice a week, essentially raw
- Pasta (for adults only)
- Fresh white cheese
- Stale bread (give it as a treat)
- Garlic (no more than once a week)
- Banana (their digestion is difficult)
- Cooked fish
- Yeast (twice per week)

Foods to never give your dog:

- Prepared sauce
- Lung, spleen, brain
- Cooked fats
- Deli
- Raw fish (too much phosphorous)
- Fermented cheeses
- Potatoes (starch is very difficult to digest)
- Peas (risk of fermentation)
- Sweets (candy, sugar, chocolate, cakes, cream ...)
- Chocolate

Important foods to introduce in the diet:

- Kidney, liver
- Eggs
- milk
- Vegetable oils
- Yeast
- meat
- Vegetables
- Butter

It is recommended in traditional food to add-in cooking oil about 2% of the ration for an adult dog maintenance, a dessert spoonful for 454 g of cooked food or a cup of dry food maximum. This is often "recommended" for the beauty of its fur!

Do you also have recipes for Fido? What does he like the most?
Do not hesitate to give us your feedback!

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