This Weimaraner is allergic to the outdoors, and has to wear boots in the winter!

The 8 year old dog named Bluey wears boots to walk around with. Unfortunately, this isn’t a fashion choice made by his owners. He suffers from an illness that prevents him from living a normal doggy life.

A problem when he was a puppy

When he runs around outside he gets significant inflammation, which then causes him to lick and bite himself all the time. His owner noticed this problem when he was a puppy and was able to do something about it.


Boots to help

She has tried several different things to help her pooch including; plastic bags, various creams and surgical soap. Unfortunately Bluey still suffered, especially during the winter when it was colder. Luckily, she spotted boots on the internet that could help and decided to buy them then and there.

Bluey was somewhat reluctant at first, but got used to his new boots very soon! Nowadays he cannot go without them and can now lead a very normal life!


Source and Photo Credit: rtl

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