In the Amazon forests a strange phenomenon takes place quite often; butterflies gather to the heads of yellow- spotted river turtles to drink their tears.

A normal occurrence

This may sound very strange indeed, but it is very normal. For the butterflies to survive they need sodium and their primary source of this is the ocean, which is about 1000 km away. This journey is far too long and far for their small and delicate wings.

Sodium intake

Therefore, the butterflies drink the turtle’s tears, which contain sodium. The turtles have no problem with sodium as they get enough from the carnivorous diet. A scientist, Phil Torres, has mentioned that herbivores often struggle with getting enough sodium and other important minerals.

The turtles do not seem too bothered by the invasion of their privacy. They willingly let the butterflies drink their tears! Luckily we get to see pictures and videos of this strange phenomenon, which a photographer managed to snap.

Source: DailyGeekShow & Live Science

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