A retired couple rescued a cat from euthanasia located 800 kms away from their home.

It is in France that Viviane and Marcel have grown fond of Ramses, a cat about to be euthanized if not quickly found a host family.

Only problem: the retired couple lives 800 kms from where the animal was to be euthanized, and were too old to travel that far. They then tried a pet carrier but costs amounted to € 500. They broadcasted a classified ad, and received thousands of emails from people offering their help to recover the animal.

Thus, a young teacher took the train Paris -Nantes -Saint Brieuc to recover Ramses and return him to its new family.

To thank her for this gesture of solidarity, Viviane and Marcel said they would fully reimburse the travel expenses to the young woman thanks to the many grants received.

A beautiful story of solidarity that shows the commitment of human beings for my four-legged friends.

Source and photo credit: Republican Lorraine

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