Glory, the stray dog, was rescued in Romania and unfortunately she had to have three of her legs amputated.

Adoption At First Sight 

Vanessa and Roger Bamkin, a couple who loves animals, saw a picture of Glory on the Facebook page of a Romanian dog rescue group. They were moved to tears and decided to adopt the dog right away!

Raising Money 

They managed to raise enough money to pay for the paperwork and vaccinations and then to drive all the way to Romania from England to fetch Glory and bring her home.

Glory’s New Legs 

As Glory only had one leg, it was impossible for her to walk or do anything for herself. The couple needed several thousand pounds to buy prosthetic legs for Glory. A year later, they managed to get the money together and Glory is now a normal four-legged dog!


If it wasn’t for people like Vanessa and Roger, dogs like Glory wouldn’t have a chance in life. We wish them many happy years together!

Credit: itv


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    YummyOrNot Y That is amazing the she lived good girl

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