In dogs, diarrhea can be due to a virus, a bacteria, a worm or food.

Read everything you should know about dog's diarrhea in order to understand your dog's symptoms and take care of them if they show these unpleasant symptoms.

1. Diarrhea caused by food

This type of diarrhea is the most common, and the least serious. Your dog ate something bad, and their body is naturally trying to get rid of it. Your dog can have diarrhea if they eat too much, or if you change their food habits suddenly. You should know that in order to feed your dog a new type of food, you have to gradually incorporate the new food into their regular diet.

If your dog has diarrhea caused by food, they will keep drinking and behaving normally, although they might be uncomfortable. Offer your animal to drink a lot, and change their diet to help them recover. For example, you can give them only half of their regular diet, mixed with rice. You can also make them drink the water from boiled rice.

 3. Diarrhea caused by a worm

If you have not dewormed your dog, they might have diarrhea. As for an alimentary diarrhea, they will keep drinking and behaving normally. Deworm your pet and offer them the diet previously explained.

 3. Viral and bacterial diarrheas 

Exactly like humans, dogs are exposed to viruses and bacterias. Some of them can cause diarrhea. If so, your dog will not only have diarrhea, but their belly will be swollen, they won't eat and will look tired and prostrate. They might have a fever, vomit and you might spot blood their stool. If you notice any of these symptoms, immediately take your dog to the veterinarian: they are the only ones able to tell if your animal needs antibiotics or not. They will also be able to recommend you a diet until your pet recovers.


- Some dogs are extremely sensitive and can have diarrhea after some emotional experience, for example after a car ride.

- If your dog often has diarrhea, perhaps their diet his not adapted to their weight and needs. Ask a professional to help you define a custom diet that suits your pet.

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