There have been many stories about animals coming to the rescue; from saving other animals to saving humans as well. These heroic acts are very impressive and some stories will bring tears to your eyes. In this article we will be revisiting some of these amazing animal stories reported by Time and One Green Planet!

The miniature pony

Our first hero is Magic, the miniature pony. She has visited many patients who need comfort and some company, and there is one case that stands out. Magic went to see a patient who in her three years in an assisted-living facility had not said one word. When the patient saw Magic, she immediately said: “Isn’t she beautiful?” From that day onward the patient continued to communicate with staff, who were all brought to tears by this incident.


Scarlett the cat

Scarlett, the cat, was homeless and had been living in a burned down garage with her month old kittens. Unfortunately the garage was alight again and when firefighters arrived they found Scarlett and her kittens. Scarlett was severely burned from the fire as she carried out every one of her kittens one by one, to safety. This story hit the tabloids and Scarlett and her kittens were adopted, she spent the rest of her life in luxury, being pampered.


Lulu the Pig

Pigs have been known to be very intellectual, in the case of Lulu, the potbellied pig, this has been proved. She realized something was wrong with her owner and ran into the street, squealing, getting people’s attention. Because of this her owner got the medical attention she needed to survive a heart attack. Lulu saved her owner’s life!


Coming in last but certainly not least, are a group of bottlenose dolphins who saved a suicidal teen. The girl from Germany attempted suicide in the water off the coast of California. While she was in the water the dolphin’s began to act strangely and caught the attention of a group of scientists on a boat. They found the girl and she received medical attention, making a full recovery in the end.

Photos: Time and One Green Planet

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