You’re probably aware that obesity can be harmful to your cat. It increases the risks of illnesses such as diabetes, as well as decreases life expectancy. So, how can we solve the problem of cat obesity?

Reducing calorie intake

It’s not necessarily the amount of food that needs to be reduced, but the calories. Fatty foods can increase appetite and a cat may therefore eat more than their fair share.

Additionally, snacks and sweet treats may need to be avoided if your cat becomes overweight. Instead, you can opt for low-calorie, dry pet food or dry food for spayed/neutered cats.

Remember: the sudden withdrawal of food can cause liver problems such as Hepatic Lipidosis (fatty liver disease) so it's important to approach any dietary changes slowly. You can speak to your vet to discuss a suitable changeover method.

A bit of healthy exercise

Playing games with your cat can prove to be a very effective part of their weight-loss programme.

If they don't mind it, you could take them for a walk on a lead on a quiet street, or purchase a freestanding or wall-mounted cat tree for your home. A simple piece of string, a feather, or other play-toy can also be just as effective to get them pouncing about again.

These ideas will not only limit weight gain by keeping your cat busy and active, they will also improve your fur friend's fitness and mood!

If you know that your cat gets on well with other pets, why not ask your friends or family to pay you a visit with their cat or dog? Being in contact with other animals will definitely spark their interest and nudge them towards playing.

Ask your vet for help

A cat diet isn’t something you can make up on the spot or by yourself, and even if the internet churns up advice about pet weight loss, it’s not always advice that should be followed.

So, instead of taking food away from your cat, it’s always better to consult a vet who can perform a check-up and advise on the best course of action.

Have a read of our handy guide on cats and obesity to help you manage their lifestyle and dietary choices.

Do you monitor your cat’s diet?

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