The local community in Summer Hill, Sydney, have banded together to look for a dog and a cat after their sitter had a stroke and cannot remember where they are.

The Lost Pets

A man named Sean contacted the local vet in Summer Hill, saying that his father was looking after a couple’s pets who were currently on holiday. The problem was that his father had had a stroke and cannot communicate where the house is. It is possible that the pets have been without food or water for up to 5 to 10 days.

The Community Helps

The story spread quickly and people have been canvassing the area looking for the animals. They have put up posters and have gone from door-to-door informing everyone. Sean has checked his father’s car and house to look for clues as to where the house is.

Concern For The Animals

A volunteer, Ellie Prodromou, is concerned about how long the animals have been without food and water. The animal lover said that they had all done everything they could think of to try and find the pets. They are hoping that Tim, the pet-sitter, was sharing the responsibility with someone else and that the animals are safe.


Let’s hope they find the pets quickly!

Source: Daily Mail

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