Some of you might recognize Atchoum from the front covers of pet magazines, or perhaps you are friends on Yummypets? What about Oreo, famous for his love of “bacons” who also has a published book out a called The Oreo Cat: Bacons and Other Stuff. These two popular cats are using their internet fame to play the main characters of a children’s book based on bullying!

Both felines currently reside in Quebec, so meeting up in real life was a breeze. Oreo's mom, Tina Moduguno, is an illustrator for children’s books, so it seemed only fitting that the two Yummypals came together to play the main characters for the book. The book aimed to aid children going through everyday bullying issues and challenges.


Atchoum has a hereditary disorder called Hypertrichosis, which basically means that he has abnormal hair growth. Some people call it the "werewolf condition". The book is the story of the two kittens on their first day of school, where Atchoum gets made fun of by the other kittens because he looks different


Here is a little excerpt from the children's book:

The bus stopped just then and the doors opened wide.

“Come on boys!” the driver said, “Climb up inside!”

Everyone was sitting in rows of two by two.

“Look Atchoum!” said Oreo, “There’s a seat for me and for you!”

As they sat down they heard gasps and then laughter;

The boys looked around wondering what the matter was.

“You look like a dog!” said an orange tabby, pointing at Atchoum.

“If my mother were here, she’d shoo you out with a broom.”

“You look like a wolf” said a cat with fur all white.

“Do you howl at the moon in the middle of the night?”

They all began to laugh, except Atchoum and his best friend;

“Don’t listen to them Atchoum,” said Oreo.

“We can make believe it’s just us here. I know it’s hard but just pretend.”


Nathalie Côté and Tina are finishing up the book and hope that in the mean time they could get as much good word out about the project as possible in the hopes of encouraging creative input from the fans - we were very delighted to see the announcement of the book on Yummypets last week and hope to help the pair on their mission which includes the possibility of visits to schools and a chance for kids to write and share their own stories!

Check out Oreo and Atchoum on their Yummypets profile, maybe you have some stories to share about bullying?


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