People often say that dogs are human's best friend. And you know what, we're right! Here are 10 reasons that prove it’s true!

#1 You share EVERYTHING

Food, furniture, laughs, clothing, tears (wails), you name it… there’s nothing off limits for you both!

#2 They know what you’re feeling just by being around you

Dogs can sense emotions and know how to respond. When we’re not at our best, a little sad or under the weather, dogs know exactly how to make us feel better just by being by our side. The opposite is also true! When we’re happy we often find them jumping for joy with us. What a connection!

#3 You feel like a celebrity every time you step through the front door

The minute your key is in the door, your dog comes bounding through the house to greet you as though you've been away for six months. They jump, bark, wag their tail furiously and we feel like VIPs. Wow!

#4 They’ve seen you at your very worst

Your dog has witnessed how you are first thing in the morning, seen you before your first coffee of the day, wild hair, dark circles around your eyes, losing your marbles, etc. They’ve seen you ill, they’ve seen you in all sorts of situations very few will others have witnessed. Yet there’s no judgement, they just love you as you are… if not more if that's even possible!

#5 They remind you to appreciate the little things

Dogs see the world through the eyes of children. Their rose-tinted glasses make everything magical, surprising and unique, and they're not afraid to help you see things from their point of view!

#6 They inspire you

'Be the person your dog thinks you are'. You may well have heard this quote and we think it’s a great way to always be the very best you - with your dog and in your life.

#7 No one can come between you and your dog

If you’re out together, you know your dog's got your back. Woe betide anyone who wishes you harm!

#8 You always have a good time...

... no matter what you do! Whether it’s a play in the garden, shopping, a walk or just watching TV at home, you know you’ll smile more than once simply spending time together.

#9 They’re there to lend a hand

Or a paw at least! Ok, they may not be able to physically help you out, but when our human friends can’t be there to support you with small day-to-day tasks, you know your dog will always cheer you on when you need it. They’re your own personal cheerleader and they wouldn’t miss a minute of supporting you!

#10 You light up each other’s worlds

Dogs enrich our lives with their unconditional love, kindness and, more often than not, their craziness too! They put a smile on our faces just by being there. For them, you are the ultimate friend, you’re their everything, and they’re just happy to be with you. And that is amazing!

How warm and fuzzy was that!

Now go and hug your pooch (or your neighbours if you don't have one)!

Source: IheartDogs

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