It is well known that cats and dogs don't get along... But here at Yummypets we love to show you how false this belief is. So here are a few tips for a happy cohabitation between your cat, dog and bird!

Here comes the dog!

Your cat came first: welcoming a puppy or an adult dog may be a cultural revolution... it is your responsibility to organise yourself so your cat feels comfortable. Define each person's duties (education, outings and daily games with the newcomer ), because even with a heart overflowing with love, you will still have to share your time to satisfy all your companions. Be sure to give your cat still have spots were they can feel safe and peaceful.

Properly assess the temperaments

Learn about the breed and temperament of the puppy that you want to host, and do not hesitate to talk to your veterinarian to ensure compatibility with the character of your cat. In general, large dogs are calmer than small dogs. The agreement between the temperament of the dog and your cat is necessary, and may not be immediate. However, your cat will not fail in general to express their astonishment or disapproval at first contact sometimes by spitting or a growling. Keep cool and say nothing. Reassure your dog, and keep them close, with a leash if possible to let your cat get over this encounter.

If the dog was here first...

The arrival of a kitten in a household with a dog does not, in general create any problems. The kitten will just need to have a few days isolated in a room with their litter box and bed to get used to their new environment. The kitten's odor and meows will circulate easily in the appartment, giving clues to your dog about the newcomer.

Introduce the kitten to your dog once the latest has eaten and is digesting peacefully. Let the kitten wander around calmly. And don't react if the kitten spits up on your dog, it is normal! Any self-respecting kitten will find their place on your lap or in the breadbasket of your dog! Kittens, like all young animals, enjoy diplomatic immunity to protect them from attacks.

Harmony between feathers and whiskers

Cohabitation between cats and birds (or other small pets like hamsters, mice or rats ) is more difficult, because they consider all the cat as a predator. Physiologically, the mere smell of a cat placed on a sweater is enough to cause almost instantaneous reaction of fear to the bird, whatever the nature of the cat.

Whether birds or small rodents arrive before or after the cat, they must have a perfectly secure cage, especially at a respectable distance from your cat, whose mere sight and smell may upset them.

Of course, stories of exceptional friendship between cats, birds, rabbits, etc. . are possible, it is yours to create, depending on the temperaments of all.

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