Hello Humans,

So I guess you've all heard of Monopoly? It's a weird game tiny humans play, with the fake money? A game that lasts for hours and hours, spent on math, legal wrangling and property negotiation? This game has existed since... I'd say forever.

I'm sure you've all played it at least once. Well, Monopoly has decided to replace one of their game pieces- the iron- by a new one- a cat.

Why would they do that? Well for 2 reasons:

First, who wants the iron? No one ever takes the iron. So now it's a cat.

Dog question: who would want the cat?


Second, the news circle. How long has it been since you haven't played Monopoly? Now with these thrilling news, you're thinking about it, aren't you Human? "Do I still have my old Monopoly board?", "Maybe I should by the new one, with the cat game piece..." So now you are going to buy the Monopoly, and play it again. And that's all Monopoly people want.

Oh and what you should know is that people have voted for the cat. The feline piece conquered its own competition in a  vote on the Monopoly Facebook page, winning over four other proposed tokens - a toy robot, guitar, helicopter and diamond ring - with 31%.


Anyway, I think it was a mistake to replace the iron, and honestly I just don't get why the Monopoly people replaced it with a cat. I am disappointed, I was sure Mr Monopoly was more of a dog person. Well I don't think I like this game anymore...


the Dog Reporter

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