Moose, the pit-bull mix, has been up for adoption for the last 4 and a half years, and his story has since gone viral. Finally, after all this time, he has been adopted by a family in Boston and has travelled to his new home in style!

Over 1,623 Days in a Shelter

The poor dog was abandoned almost 5 years ago and has since been living in the Animal Care Centre of St John. During this time he became very distraught as he saw many dogs coming in and out of the shelter, finding their permanent homes. Volunteers tried to help Moose as much as possible by taking him on hikes and to an obedience school. Luckily, fate has changed for Moose and he was adopted by the Burke family in Boston.

The Journey

Moose arrived in style; he was flown to New York in a private jet and then took a ride in a limo to Boston. The Riggi family, who often visit the shelter Moose was living in, offered to pay for his travel costs and this allowed him to have a very comfortable journey. After waiting for a home for this long, Moose definitely deserves it!


The Burke Family

The Burke family are very excited about the new addition; they have been following Moose’s story on Facebook but unfortunately the timing wasn’t quite right to adopt him earlier. Their own pit-bull mix had just passed away when they heard of Moose, but a few months later when he was still up for adoption, they knew it was meant to be and jumped into action.

“When I saw in December that Moose was coming to Massachusetts, I just knew it was meant to be. My three daughters ask me every day about Moose and his arrival. We are so grateful to the Riggi family for offering to fly Moose home to us. Their generosity and love for animals is amazing,” said Christine Burke.

Happy Endings

Ryan Moore, who is the manager at the shelter where Moose lived, is very happy that he has finally been adopted. Just like any dog, Moose deserves a loving family!


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    YummyOrNot Y That is so great he got a family good job mose hope you haveing fun with your new family