“Warriors and Wolves” is a therapeutic program that wants to help with the transitions of American soldiers returning home after a war. It is sometimes difficult for some soldiers to lead normal lives after such a traumatic experience; but now the wolf has come to the rescue!

Therapy for Veterans

There are many therapeutic options for war veterans, but every person is different and transition periods vary as well. Some people take much longer to come to terms with what they have experienced and others never do.

Animals to the Rescue

For the past few years many organisations think that the interaction between animals and the war veterans is a type of therapy for both parties involved. Animals such as dogs and horses have been used in the past and there have been great success stories!

Warriors and Wolves

The “Warriors and Wolves” program is being conducted from a rescue centre for animals in Lockwood, California and they have chosen a rather unusual animal for therapy; the wolf. The wolves have something in common with the soldiers; they have been rescued after suffering from violence such as abuse and hunting.

Working Together

In the centre, people and animals not accepted by society and the wild work together to reconnect to nature and the outside world. By working together the wolves and veterans help each other to overcome the traumas that haunt them.

Animals are amazing and by working with them, anything can be healed!

Source: www.konbini.com

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