Doggy treats under the Christmas Tree! Two weeks before Christmas, it is time to choose the gifts that we will offer on December 24th!

While we passionately rip off the paper gift carefully prepared by Santa Claus and his elves, our furry friend may discover tasty treats under the tree...

And as it is a very festive occasion, we opt for really sweet treats!

1. Christmas cookies Bubba pink chicken, carob and peanut butter flavors - £ 12.00 at Oh! Pasha.

2. Bubba pink macaroons, carob, honey and peanut butter flavors - £ 11.20 on Sublime! my Dog.

3. Bubba pink gourmet box , honey, vanilla and cinnamon - £ 11.60 on Cherry Dog.

4. Bubba Rose "Heart Box"  - £ 20.15 at Un chien sur la toile.

5. Assorted cookies Fripouille & Vanilla chicken flavor - £ 7.90 from Fripouille and Vanilla.

6.  Biscuits Little Bone Aston's cookies, three flavors - £ 4.75 from Les Fauves Mondains.

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