A cat called Hidey was found in a surprising state by a shelter...

An abandoned cat

She had been taken to an Animal Rescue League Shelter veterinary clinic after having been abandoned. Her pet parent, suffering from Alzheimer's, had been placed in a retirement home without anyone thinking about his two cats, Hidey and Siam.

A friend of the man named Paul Russel remembered that he had had cats.

"When they took him to the retirement home, I suddenly thought, 'hey, he has a cat'," explained Paul.

"The house was still open so I went down there are left food for his cat […] then someone mentioned that he had a second cat. So I started to look for the cat when suddenly a huge creature leapt out from under the bed and ran into the cellar."

chat dreadlocks

The enormous creature was in fact Hidey.

Dreadlocks for fur

Her fur was knotted and matted to the point of forming dreadlocks. Paul thought at first that it was a cover, but in fact is was Hidey and her hair that was hidden in the cellar.

Paul went down into the cellar and with the help of a torch, managed to extract Hidey. He then took her to a veterinarian clinic specialising in animals in distress.

 chat dreadlocks

The veterinaries of the clinic had never seen this.

Hidey's coat had definitely formed dreadlocks. They were so numerous that the veterinary team had to anesthetise Hidey in order to shaver her without risk. By the end, the team had shaved off 900g of fur.

The poor cat had been link this for years... she was also overweight, which explained why she couldn't groom herself.

 chat dreadlocks

Once released from the clinic, Hidey was lucky enough to be adopted by Paul, and they now live happily together!

Source : Animaals.com

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