TToday, I've asked Koti's owner to an interview! Koti seems to be a really playful girl, and her happiness is life-saving!

When, where, how did you met your Koti?

I met Koti after seeing an advert in the local paper. I went to vist her at her home, and there was only her and her sister left. They were so small! I picked up her sister first, thinking of choosing her, but when I picked Koti up, she snuggled right down into my arms, and has stolen my heart ever since. She came home with me that evening, two nights ago, and has never left my side since.

Where does her name come from?

Koti's full name is Dakota Rose, which is what I wanted to call my first child, and in a way, she is my first child! I couldn't imagine life without her. She's saved my life in so many ways, rescuing me from depression among those!


Tell us about a typical day with her?

On a typical day, Koti is never ever alone. We wake up together (yes, I let her sleep on my bed with me!), she comes downstairs with me, goes to the toilet, then runs straight back upstairs to bed! I often go to college in the weekdays, but she runs along to my next-door neighbour's garden and gets spoilt like a princess there too! I'll come home from college, and she'll come bursting out the door, a big smile on her face, always happy to see me. We'll wrestle, and go for a walk, and then snuggle down together.

What’s her silliest trait?

Now, Koti HATES baths. She behaves in them, but she does look ever so sorry for herself. After being roughly dried, she'll go racing off like a mad dog, sprinting all over the house, trying to dry herself off. This includes rubbing herself all over our carpets in order to smell like herself again! Oh, and she'll give you 'kisses' if you ask for them, or if she's had a particularly tasty dinner (tripe is her favourite) and wants to share it with you.


Whatʼs your best memory together ?

Everyday is my favourite day with Koti! She makes my life complete and I can't imagine just one memory to pinpoint as the best. Every second is treasured, she's truly my ideal best friend.

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