Today I'd like to introduce you Mìa, the most loved cat I know ! This sweet little ginger kitty has a lot to tell !

When, where, how did you met your pet?

Well it's a funny thing as I met her, since all my life I've loved cats, but I had pets that were anything but a cat. One day my aunt, who is actually my godmother called me, and asked if I still wanted to have a cat, I said yes, and she said she had a friend of hers who had an Angora cat, which recently had kittens, and she had put them in a box to give away, and the only one  left was just what I was looking for : an orange-haired kitten... I was thrilled with the news, and she told me she was going to take it to her house, but she has a dog that can not stand cats, so I had to adopt the kitten... That day it was very sunny and there it was, waiting for me ! It was the world's most beautiful kitten. I had to learn lots of things about kittens since I never had one, and today she really considers me as her mother...

Where does her name come from?

Her name is Mia, as I said earlier, I chose that name because years ago I told myself that if I could have a cat I would call it that way... It means that emotional nature is diligent. It has originality, acquires and receives intelligence. Loves the possible and the impossible. She likes to feel fulfilled and improved. And is full of love.

Tell us about a typical day with her?

Her typical day is the same as mine. We wake up in bed together, she gives me a good morning kiss on the nose. I accommodated my room for her (because she is alone all day, so my room full of toys and things she loves), she runs around my room, and when I go bathing she climbs onto the bed and begins to meow, for me to take her with. The bath fascinates her! Then we take our breakfast and then I go to work and she plays all day because when I come home my room is really messy!  We watch Tv together when I get home and play a lot! That's Monday to Friday... Saturday is game day, but she knows she must wait until I've finished cleaning the house, and she politely waits... but then it's just play and play until I have to study! Sunday, is our calm day, full of love and hugs!

Whatʼs her silliest trait?

Her greatest prank was last Christmas: I was knitting a scarf for a gift, and one day I forgot to  stow it, and when I got home there was no scarf anymore! But she is not naughty, more  a curious cat...

Whatʼs your best memory together ?

Every day is a great memory to me, because every day she shows me her love, her tenderness... She's there when I feel alone, and when I'm sad she erases the sadness, so I can not speak of a specific time, because every day is wonderful since I have her in my life...

If you'd like to meet Mìa, its here.

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