2013 has been a rough year for Robbie, but things seem to get better as he wins the Pet Survivor of the Year award, after overcoming burns he suffered.

Last May, the sofa he had sought shelter in was set on fire, leaving Robbie with life-threatening burns on his face and paws.

Thankfully the local community funded 6 months of  skin grafts and surgery, which permitted Robbie to make a remarkable recovery and win the pet survivor of the year award, discerned by the PDSA.


Despite having one of his back legs amputated and his toes on his remaining leg melted together, Robbie is a very lively cat.

His new owner, Gill Smith, said: ‘Robbie is a unique character and he still bears the physical scars from his fiery ordeal.

‘But despite this he runs around the house like a rocket. He is a little hero, and his bravery and fortitude have inspired many people in the community.’

PDSA vet Elaine Pendlebury declared Robbie "really is a true survivor".


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