Discover in pictures the story of a little kitten abandoned in the street, and then saved by an organisation.

It is the "Fabulous Felines NWA" who saved Stuart Little, the frailest of a litter of abandoned kittens. The kitten was malnourished and had eye chips. The volunteers did their best to save this little one from death.

Here are the pictures of his recovery, which is a miracle!

First day: Stuart Little, top right, is the most feverish kitten


Second day: His eyes are a little better, but he still is fed with a small syringe


Sixth day: His face is a little better, but look how tiny he is!


Twelfth day: His hair has grown, and his blue eyes are completely cured!


Forty-second day: Stuart Little is having fun!


Fifty-sixth day: Stuart Little has doubled in volume, much better!


Ninetieth day: He is 2 months old and is growing well, although it is still small for his age.


Thanks to the organization that has collected, Stuart Little who will soon be adopted like his brothers and sisters!

A beautiful story that ends well!

Source and photo credit: L'internaute

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