The German Shepherd Dog was the first sheepdog. It is native of the mountains of Bavaria and is the result of a long and careful selection from enthusiasts wanting to save sheepdogs despite the advance of the industrial era.

It has been a very famous breed since the early twentieth century. The German Shepherd is useful both as a rescue or assistance dog and as a guard dog or pet. Its very reliable flair can also detect drugs or explosives.

This is a medium sized dog, a little longer than it is high. It is very muscular, sturdy and solid with great endurance.

First folded, its ears straighten slowly and gradually as the puppy grows. Its tail is long and bushy. Its hairs are often short and hard, and longer on the neck. To keep it clean, their no need to wash them, just brushing regularly. This is a big eater which weighs about 30 kg. Its life expectancy is 12 years average.

The German Shepherd is an athlete, and it needs to exercise and can not stay inside too long. In addition, this dog does not like loneliness. It is very attached to its family and follows its owner everywhere.  It needs to feel useful. Contrary to its reputation of "Wolfhound ", the German Shepherd is not aggressive, it's a peaceful and calm dog. It will get along with everyone and even with cats!

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