Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world. We just couldn't live without them... except during pregnancy. Many pregnant women are tough with our favorite felines from the announcement of their pregnancy. Indeed cats are reputed for being dangerous because they carry toxoplasmosis ... It was time Yummypets enlightened you!

What is toxoplasmosis?

Toxoplasmosis is a common parasitic disease, usually benign. Present in the soil, the parasite affects most species but is not dangerous for them. On humans by contrast, it causes the symptoms of a persistent cold or flu. Once infected, the body is immunized against the disease and most of the time, we do not notice we've contracted it.

Only, this parasite is very dangerous for a fetus and could cause  neurological or ocular malformations among other problems. That is why during pregnancy, the presence of toxoplasmosis is regularly monitored. While pregnant, you must also follow specific hygiene (wear gloves while gardening and cooking some food) and nutrition (avoid raw meats, vegetables, eggs and raw milk) rules to reduce the risk of contact with the disease.

La toxmoplasmose : être enceinte et vivre avec un chat.

What about cats?

A cat who regularly hunt rodents may carry toxoplasmosis. Cats that have already been in contact with the disease is estimated at 60%. If the cat is infected, the parasite will be found in its stool. You may then be contaminated when handling your cat's litter.

However, it is not necessary to get rid of your cat when you are pregnant!

By changing the litter every day or asking someone else to do it and washing your hands after each contact with your cat, the odds of being contaminated are very low. In addition you may understand that toxoplasmosis affects mainly "outdoor" cats. If your furball only eats dry food and does not leave your home, it is very unlikely that they have come into contact with the disease.

So let's stop persecuting cats! Pregnant women should be wary of toxoplasmosis but it is not necessary to get rid of your little companion! Just follow the plain and simple hygiene rules!

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