It's enough to make any cat owner smile! But you'd never guess why cats show their butts.

Cats who show their butts - a sign of well-being

Cats predominantly use body language to communicate with one another. However, when it comes to human interaction cats tend to prefer being vocal. Nevertheless, they do also use body language to convey how they're feeling.

The visual of your cat's posterior doesn't exactly conjure up warm and snugly thoughts, and yet, uniquely, this gesture is akin to a hug from your cat. That's right, a hug!

Cats can also show their butts when they are looking for affection or simply because they are hungry.

Generally, the process goes something like this: your cat will purr, rub their head and then their body against your legs, and finally show you their butt. An added meow is an additional sign your cat is content!

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Marking their territory

When your cat rubs their body or posterior against things it is their way of marking their territory.

Cats secrete hormones as a way of communicating to other felines, and even humans. This also happens when cats feel confident in their space. They will rub their face, cheeks, body, paws, and/or tail against their surroundings to deposit pheromones - in other words, leave their 'signature'.

This is one of the reasons why cats run up against us and also knead with their paws.

Cats who live in groups, or in the same household, rub their head, body and tail to signify acceptance or inclusion. They even manage to create a 'group-specific fragrance'. You might notice cats lifting their tails as they approach one another. This is part of their communication process, which also extends to humans.

Whether your cat solicits your affection, communicates a need, or reaffirms their social bond with you, this type of behaviour signifies their confidence within their space. So, if your cat shows you their butt take it as a compliment!

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Does your cat show you their butt?

Source: IHeartCats

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