Breaking news: millionaires prefer dogs to cats!

Well, if you ask me, it's not surprising - dogs are fun, we love to play, we can learn tricks, we are so lovable, and cats... well cats only think about sleeping, eating and thinking of plans to rule the world.

And according to the Humane Society stats, 39% of US households own a dog compared to 33% of households that own a cat - told you! And among millionaires it's even more flagrant: 58% own dogs vs. 37% own cats!


J.Cona, a trust attorney in New York says that of all the pet trusts she’s worked on, 90% are for dogs and only 10% are for cats.

“Dogs are like children for some families, except they don’t mess up in college or run off with money,” she told CNBC. “Sometimes it’s easy to see why dogs are the favorite child.”

Yay! Dogs rock!

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