Luisa and her family, who live in France, adored their little dog, Ouky. Their beloved dog was dognapped and when a shelter called Luisa 7 years later to say they had Ouky, she couldn’t believe i!

Adopting Ouky

The family adopted a little Yorkshire dog named Ouky in 2000 and they simply adored her! Every day Ouky would walk around in the front garden for ten minutes for a little me- time. On one weekend in May 2007, the small town they lived in was crowded because of the presidential election and Ouky went for her usual walk.

Ouky Goes Missing

After about 20 minutes, Luisa’s daughter, Laura, noticed Ouky wasn’t back yet and got worried. The family were heartbroken that their beloved dog was missing and believed that she was dognapped.

Another 7 years later, Luisa received a voicemail from an animal shelter telling her they have Ouky. She couldn’t believe that they would be getting their dog back!

The Reunion

Luisa drove 3 and a half hours to fetch Ouky from the shelter, and they were all reunited! When Ouky got home she remembered the house and everything else she was used to. The only change was Chouco, the new dog who was adopted by the family!

Credit: Sud Ouest/ Mathilde Bauthier

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