This incredible story took place in Derby, UK, where a family was reunited with their cat,Phoenix, who went missing 18 months ago!

Phoenix Goes Missing

When their pet cat went missing Michelle Humber and her family put up missing posters and did everything they could to find him. The family had to give up after there was no luck in finding him. The family was very sad to lose their pet! 18 Months later the family decided to adopt a cat; they went to the local Cat Protection rehoming centre and spotted Orlando.


A week later the family went back to the centre to fetch Orlando and right next door to him they spotted their missing cat, Phoenix. The 5-year-old Ronnie was so excited when he found their cat and cried tears of joy. Phoenix was purring happily when he was reunited with his family!

“He became such a big part of our lives and it will be amazing to welcome him back home. I don’t know what the odds are of what happened to us but I imagine they’re pretty small,” said Michelle.


FIV Cats

Unfortunately the family couldn’t adopt Orlando as well because the cat has FIV; this means he has to live in a home where he is the only cat or with other FIV cats. Hopefully Orlando won’t have to wait too long for his permanent home.

What a coincidence!

Source: Life With Cats

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