Matt Crain and Sarah Mallouk Crain, a couple living in Pennsylvania, had the brilliant idea to show their love for dogs during their marriage.

Rescue puppies

Un couple remplace les bouquets de fleurs de leur mariage par des chiots

Sarah is a member of the group Pitties Love Peace, a shelter specialising in Pitbulls and Pitbull crosses. Six rescue puppies were chosen for an adorable photo shoot.

"Animals are a large part of our life and we wanted to find a way to integrate them into our marriage," said Sarah.

Sarah and Matt already have three dogs, that they raise like their own children, and sometimes also act as a foster home for rescue puppies.

A photoshoot filled with joy

Un couple remplace les bouquets de fleurs de leur mariage par des chiots

The bridesmaids and the bride cuddles up to adorable little rescue pups for the photoshoot.

Matt and his groomsmen also had their turn hugging the little puppers before going to the chapel.

"I think that you can feel the joy on everyone's faces when they hold a puppy. They're real smiles. It was so beautiful," said Sarah.

"Usually, I'm a very calm person with my head firmly screwed onto my shoulder, but with the mariage, I was understandably stressed. But once I saw the puppies, it all just flew away," she adds.

The photoshoot was a real joy for the photographer Caroline Logan, who declared that "It was probably the most natural smiles I'd ever had to work with."

Sarah hopes to make people understand through the medium of her photos that they don't need to go to a dog breeder to find a pet. She vehemently defends the slogan "don't shop, adopt" in order to push people to adopt pets from shelters rather than sourcing them elsewhere.

These beautiful photos were great advertising for shelter puppies! We hope that they will all soon be adopted.

See for yourself the photos from Matt and Sarah's wedding.


What do you think of the idea of bringing rescue puppies to a wedding?

source : buzzfeed

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