Are you considering adopting a new kitten but you are afraid that your cat won't appreciate this newcomer?

Yummypets gives you all the advice to make sure that living together goes well!

Who's that intruder in my home?!

Before your cat understands that a new kitten will be a great partner, they will probably at first be really suspicious and distrustful. It's normal, because they believe that this young cat will steal from their food bowl, choose their favorite pillow to sleep on, watch the birds outside through their window and get all your attention!

That's why your cat will try to defend their territory and seem mean. Don't think that they're actually mean and selfish, they're just sad. It's your role to make them understand that they're safe and have no reason to be afraid of the new kitten.

The non-intervention rule

When you introduce your cat to the new kitten, even if they are really loud you must not intervene. Even if they fight a little, it won't be serious. Most of the time, the cats turn around each others and try to intimidate each others.

If the kitten does something your cat doesn't approve of, they will make them understand that it's wrong. It's important that the newcomer respects the rules of the cat who was already there. Make sure you are following the same rules of education.


Make sure you serve your cat's meals in two different plates, away from each others.

Once your cat understands they're having the same amount of food, naps and attention even if the kitten is there, they will accept him. Don't worry if it takes a while.

Your cat will then start to protect the kitten. They will let them play with their tail and sleep between their paws. They will even lick each others!

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