Lilly probably thought that her final moments on this earth had come...

That was until she was saved by Mat and his family, who came to her rescue. The cat was taken to a veterinary clinic where the personnel could warm her up…

A storm caused flash floods

Last week, Mat Dundson was in a cat with his partner Kylie and their 9 year old daughter while all around a storm raged in Sydney, Australia. The roads were flooded and the storm drains seemed to be blocked, which didn't help the situation.

When Mat arrived at an intersection, he noticed an animal trying to catch on to a branch in the water. "Kylie immediately said that we needed to get the poor animal out of there," said Mat.

The man leapt out of the car despite the storm and managed to retrieve the poor pet from the water.

The cat was saved at the last moment

In the few seconds that would have followed, the poor cat would have breathed in the water and choked. She seemed terrified of the experience she had just gone through.

"The cat was petrified and would probably have drowned if we hadn't intervened. Luckily, her paws had gotten stuck in some grating, which probably saved her life," said Mat.

The cat was quickly taken to a veterinary clinic by Mat and his family.

"When she arrived at the clinic she had hypothermia, her claws were broken and she had difficulty breathing. Her body temperature was at 33 degrees, which is very low. A normal body temperature would have been 38 degrees. My first mission was to warm her up," said the veterinary who treated her.

sauvetage chatte

Lilly had to be warmed up

The cat had to be placed in a warming blanket, and after several hours, her body temperature came back to normal.

After this, the personnel of the clinic dressed her in a little jumper. How cute does it look?

sauvetage chatte

Emotional homecoming

Lilly didn't have a microchip, but luckily, the personnel managed to find her parents by posting photos on social media.

The pet parents came as soon as they could to take Lilly home.

"Being able to take a pet home is one of the most rewarding parts of my job," said the veterinary in charge of Lilly.

sauvetage chatte

The importance of microchipping pets

This story ended well for both Lilly and her family, but it could have easily gone the other way. Finding the pet parents of a pet who is not identified either with a microchip or tattoo is very difficult.

Always remember to tattoo or microchip your pet!

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Source : The Dodo

Crédit Photos : Kylie Row

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