It’s never a good idea to get anywhere near a wild animal and we can’t stress that enough. In this situation it is always better to call in the professionals and make certain that they are there to provide for the animal and your own safety.

These Tennessee guides decided to help a stranded bear cub on the side of a river with their raft, and we’re so glad they did. After spotting this little guy struggling on the banks of the Nolichucky River in the Appalachians in eastern Tennessee, they realised that he could be in harms way.

After spending sometime investigating and realising that the mama bear wasn’t anywhere to be found, it was obvious that this poor cub was an orphan and needed help. So, superhero Danny Allen rafted over to the little guy and after a short struggle, managed to get him onto the boat.

Young Noli Bear, is now safe and being looked after by the terrific people at Appalachian Bear Rescue. They have rescue cubs coming in all the time and know exactly how to bring young Noli back to perfect health.


She is really very happy now with a great area to play and grow. We are even happier that there are great organisations like this around the world who are helping our animal friends out in their times of need.

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If you have any other shelters that you think might need some attention, please let us know in the comments section below.

We’re proud of all the people doing really great work out there, we can’t thank you enough!

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